Application Trend of Polyimide Film

As a special engineering material, polyimide has been widely used in aviation, aerospace, electrical/electronics, microelectronics, nano, liquid crystal, separation membrane, laser, locomotive, automobile, precision machinery and automatic office machinery and other fields. Recently, all countries have listed the research, development and utilization of polyimide as one of the most promising engineering plastics in the 21st century. Polyimide, because of its outstanding characteristics in performance and synthesis, whether as a structural material or as a functional material, its application prospects have been recognized, and it is known as a “protion solver”. And that “without polyimide, there would be no microelectronics technology today”. Among the many polymer materials, only 6 are listed individually in the American Chemical Abstracts (CA), and polyimide is one of them. It can be seen that polyimide has important technical and commercial significance. With the rise and vigorous development of IT industry, flat panel display industry, photovoltaic industry, etc., it will inevitably drive the development of related supporting materials and the growth of market demand. Electronic engineering (electronic grade) polyimide film is an important material for sound quality circuit boards, integrated circuits, flat panel displays, solar cells, electronic labels, etc., and is increasingly playing a very important role in the application of the above electronic products.