Polyimide film

Polyimide film is a special engineering plastic film with excellent mechanical properties, dielectric properties, flame retardant and infusible, and can be used for a long time under the conditions of -195 ℃ – 280 ℃. Due to its excellent and unique performance, it is mainly used as a basic material to make flexible circuit boards (FPC), high temperature tapes, electrical and motor insulation (Insulation), F. Class H motor cables, magnet wires, etc.

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Application field

Military products


Digital product

F. Class H motor cable


Communication equipment

Physical Properties Table

PerformanceTest itemsUnitThickness IndexTest Conditionstesting method
 Thicknessμm12.5255020℃ASTM D1505
Mechanical propertiesTensile strengthMpa15018020020℃JB/T 2726— 1996
Elongation%60709020℃JB/T 2726— 1996
ElectricalBreakdown voltageMV/m17020020060Hz, 20℃JB/T 2726— 1996
Dielectric coefficient, 20℃ASTM D150
Volume impedanceΩ•cm>1010>1010>1010500V, 20℃ASTM D257
Surface impedanceΩ>1013>1013>1013500V, 20℃ASTM D257
Hot sexThermal expansionppm/℃<30<35<35100~200℃ASTM D5213-04
Dimensional stability%<0.1<0.1<0.1200℃, 2hrJB/T 2726 —— 1996
physical propertiesDensityg/cm31.420 ± 2020℃ASTM D1505
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