Aluminum plate

Single and double-sided aluminum-based copper clad laminates are made of epoxy board as the base material and covered with copper foil on one or both sides by hot pressing. It has good thermal conductivity and insulation. When used in electrical products, it can effectively reduce the operating temperature and improve the product It can improve the work efficiency, and can prolong the life of electrical products, durable and multi-specification customization.

Single and double-sided aluminum base copper clad laminate

High thermal conductivity, high pressure resistance, high flame retardant

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Application field

LED lighting

Fluorescent tubes, industrial and mining lamps, street lamps, bulb lamps, kitchen and bathroom lamps, floodlights, underwater lamps, rigid light bars, etc.

LED security

Array cameras, high-speed domes, aircraft array cameras, shield cameras, DVR hard disk recorders, etc.

communication electronics

High-frequency amplifiers, filter appliances, transmission circuits, etc.

Audio equipment

Input, output amplifier, balanced amplifier. Audio amplifiers, preamplifiers, power amplifiers, etc.

Power supply

Off regulators, DCAC converters, SW regulators, etc.


Car lights, electronic regulators, igniters, power control controller, etc.


CPU board, floppy disk drive, power supply unit, etc.

Power module

Inverter, solid state relay, rectifier bridge, etc.

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Specifications and Performance

Test itemsUnitDetection conditionsFinished plate thickness
Exterior/CPCA4105-2010Class A
Thermal ConductivityW/m*KASTM-D54701-8
Peel strengthN/mmIPC-TM-6502.4.8≥1.2
Surface resistanceC-96/35/90≥1.0×104
Volume resistanceMΩ.mC-96/35/90≥4×104
Thermal StressS288℃120
Electric strengthVD-48/50+D/0.5/234500
Insulation layer thicknessum 160±10
water absorption%D24/230.50%